Why Buy Land In Lisi Topograph For These 5 Reasons

Lisi Topograph is a western-style area on the shore of Lisi Lake, created to meet the needs of modern urbanization. It is an ecologically clean, calm, and protected district. The region, which spans 42 hectares and comprises 244 plots of land for individual residences, is being developed.

We would like to provide the top five reasons why you should purchase a plot of land in Lisi Topograph.

1. A residential area that is enclosed and well-protected

In Georgia, there has recently been a noticeable trend in the expansion of private residences away from urban areas, as well as a major surge in interest in closed-type residential complexes. People increasingly prefer to live in residential areas that are enclosed and sheltered from city noise.

Lisi Topograph is one such place, with only 244 families able to live there.

Lisi Topograph is distinguished by a higher level of security as well as a unique way of living. There will be four entrances in the territory, each of which will be equipped with a specific access system that will allow only residents and pre-approved guests to enter.

A district manager and security guard will be always on the premises.

2. Infrastructure that is well-organized and well-maintained

The Lisi Topograph’s well-maintained infrastructure is a huge asset, as it implies that the work, we do deliver fully centralized communications. When purchasing a plot of land in the neighborhood, the buyer must install an individual sewer well, and the likelihood of installing a pool is low, residents of Lisi Topograph will find the following resources delivered to their plots:

  • Water
  • Sewerage,
  • Electricity,
  • Natural gas,
  • Internet, and
  • A rainwater pipe network

Work on communications and road infrastructure has already begun in the area.

The infrastructural works will cost a total of $ 12 million to complete.

3.Greened parks up to one hectare in size with sports facilities.

One of the project’s main challenges is preserving the area’s recreational nature. The site development design was tailored to the area’s recreational strategy, with planted yards and parks taking up the majority of the land, as well as well-equipped recreational spaces with sports fields, tennis courts, a skate park, a golf course, and children’s entertainment areas.

The area is also marked by a well-kept fencing system, lighting, and paved 14-meter-wide roadways with two lanes for two-way traffic, a parking lane, two planted pedestrian walkways and a 5-kilometer-long cycling lane.

A management company will look after the maintenance of the area, including the cleaning of common spaces.

4. Green and well-kept environment

The Lisi Topograph is wonderfully incorporated into the lake environment and blends nicely with the natural terrain, which is surrounded by mountains and the lake. The unusual position allows you to escape the city bustle and live in your own home by the lake in an environmentally friendly setting.

A total of ten thousand species of trees will be planted on the territory, according to the development regulation plan. The five parks in the area will be the district’s major feature, where inhabitants will be able to communicate, relax, and have fun.

The Lisi Topograph’s key promise is to make you feel like you are an inseparable part of a recreational environment while living in the city with all the perks of living out-of-town.

5. Land plots prepared for obtaining a construction permit

It is critical to comprehend what you are purchasing when purchasing a plot of land on which to construct a private residence. After purchasing the land, the buyer frequently discovers that acquiring a construction permit is not only complicated and time-consuming, but also impossible in some situations.

Today, with such high demand for land plots, free land may be obtained mostly in undeveloped areas, where it is often essential to jointly draft a development regulating plan on your and adjacent plots of land in order to be able to utilize the property for construction. The Lisi Topograph project is based on the Development Regulating Plan (DRP) document that was processed in this manner (23.10.2020 # 325), which we had been working on for several years, and as a result, we received a harmoniously planned area with 244 plots of land that are fully prepared for obtaining a building permit.

Lisi Topograph – It’s time to live in one of the most well-designed and well-planned residential area.

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