Lisi Topograph – a Modern Residential Area of Private Houses on the Shores of Lisi Lake

Lisi Topograph is a western-type, eco-friendly, quiet, and protected settlement of private houses that meets all the requirements of modern urbanization and low-density development, Located on the shores of Lisi Lake, the sale of land plots for private houses has already begun.

Lisi Topograph is to be spread across 41.8 hectares and includes 244 land plots for the construction of private houses. The project also envisages 5 parks, 9 sports grounds (tennis, football, and basketball), children’s entertainment areas, and various consumer facilities (supermarket, pharmacy, etc.) tailored to the needs of the residents.

Land plots are non-agricultural and can be purchased by non-residents also. This makes big advantage for international clients who want to invest and live in Georgia and have European standard of living in a gated community.

The topographic structure of the Lisi Topograph area serves as the main inspiration for the project. The residential development of the district blends perfectly into the existing natural landscape and harmoniously integrates into an area surrounded by mountains and the lake.

Architects and urban planners working on the project paid great attention to recreation and the harmonious development of the area, as a result of which the district is fully integrated with the environment and will not be as densely populated as has happened in the surrounding territories, since the minimum land plot area is 1000 m2.

The area is also distinguished by road infrastructure. Here, the roads are 14 meters wide and include two lanes for two-way traffic, an additional lane for car parking, two fairly wide greened footpaths, and a 5 km long bike lane.

The area includes 4 sectors – A, B, C, and D, the development of which is planned in stages. At this stage, entire area preparatory works and preliminary sales of land plots in sector B have started. In the autumn of 2022, residents will have the opportunity to live a full life in sector B, as at this time the infrastructure and communications of this section of the district will be fully arranged.

To preserve architectural style of the district, when purchasing a land plot, the buyer is obliged to agree house exterior design with our company. Architectural project of the house and house construction can be ordered separately.

Lisi Topograph is an ideal place for those looking for an ecologically clean, healthy, and quiet environment to live in with their families.

The unique location and landscape, panoramic views of mountains and the lake, and untapped, diverse ecosystem are the main advantages of Lisi Topograph.

Everything you are looking for in the countryside for a harmonious life is already in the city – at Lisi Topograph.

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