“Everything you Look for Outside the City for a Harmonious Life is Already in the City” – Lisi Topograph’s Positive Role in the Urban Development of Tbilisi

Each new project is another step forward for the urban development of the city. This is a new opportunity for the city to become more developed, modern and up-to-date.

Lisi Topograph is a new project that will make a big contribution to the urban development of the city. Proper planning, landscaping and infrastructure make the project special and interesting for every citizen.

In an interview with The FINANCIAL, Nino Absandze, Project Development Consultant, talked about the idea of founding Lisi Topograph, its uniqueness and its role in the urban development of the city.

Q: Tell us about the establishment of Lisi Topograph. What were the main goals and motives behind its establishment and the implementation of these projects?

Lisi Topograph is a new, western-type, low-rise, modern urbanisation; an ecologically clean, quiet and protected settlement on the shores of Lisi Lake, where the sale of land for private homes has already begun.

Lisi Topograph is located on 41.8 hectares and includes 244 plots for the construction of private houses. The project also envisages 5 parks, 9 sports fields (tennis, football and basketball), children’s entertainment spaces and various consumer facilities tailored to the needs of the residents of the district. For example: supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.

The main inspiration for the project’s concept was the topographic structure of the Lisi topographic area. The site’s development blends in perfectly with the existing natural landscape and harmoniously integrates into the area bordered by mountains and lakes.

Land plots are non-agricultural and can be purchased by non-residents also. This makes big advantage for international clients who want to invest and live in Georgia and have European standard of living in a gated community.

Q: What is the contribution of Lisi Topograph to the urban development of Tbilisi?

“From the example of Lisi Topograph, our task is to popularize low-rise projects. Despite the scale, only 244 residential plots are planned here in order to avoid intensive development and to preserve the recreational nature of the area, which I think is a big advantage of the project. We are also planning other low-rise projects under the ‘Topograph’ brand in the future.

With this project we want to offer a unique opportunity to those who want to be in the city but still have all the benefits of living outside the city.”

Q: What does Lisi Topograph do in terms of improving environmental protection and air quality?

“The architects and urban planners working on the development plan of the area attached great importance to recreation and the harmonious development of the space. As a result, we have an area that is fully integrated with the environment, which will not be densely populated, as is the case in the surrounding areas, since the minimum area of ​​the plot starts from 1,000 sq.m.

Our main concern in terms of ecology is Lisi Lake, therefore the first thing that was done within the project was to start restoration works of the water supply canal of Lisi Lake, which had been vandalised by the dumping of construction garbage for years.

I would like to mention that the project plans to plant up to 10,000 trees, and this process has already begun.”

Q: What sets Lisi Topograph apart from other construction projects and companies?

“Based on my experience I can boldly say that Lisi Topograph is a unique project. I do not know of any other project in the city of this scale, so well thought-out and based on a proper development plan.

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All the main parameters in the project are regulated by its development plan, on which it was actively working with the City Hall. According to the project, there will be a park of up to 5 hectares, sports infrastructure, children’s entertainment spaces, and a 5-kilometer-long bicycle lane. Topograph combines all the components imaginable for a healthy lifestyle.”

Q: What major challenges do you see in terms of urban development?

“There are two important challenges in terms of the urban development of the city. On the one hand, it is important to increase recreational spaces within the city. Some areas need to be upgraded and more parks and squares need to be rehabilitated in the city.

On the other hand, the development of new spaces is crucial for the urban development of the city in order to expand the residential area of ​​the city. The possibility of this will be increased by having properly developed road infrastructure and the expansion of the communications network. I think that a lot of work is already being done in this direction, even in the area of ​​our project. However, there are many interesting areas near the city which require road infrastructure for their full potential to be explored.”

Q: What role do businesses and foreign investment play in the urban development of the city?

“Foreign investment, which is also accompanied by foreign experience, has a positive impact on the urban development of the city, including any project.

A business that takes into account the interests of the customer and the city in equal measure when developing a new project will inevitably deliver a successful outcome. I think that this is exactly the case with Lisi Topograph, which has a great role and future in the Georgian market.”

Q: Parking is one of the most significant problems of the day. Do the projects you have developed provide a solution to this problem?

“I mentioned the project development plan and road infrastructure. There are 470 outdoor parking spaces in the district for 244 families.

The area is also distinguished by road infrastructure. The roads here are 14 meters wide and include two lanes for two-way traffic, an additional lane for car parking, two fairly wide footpaths with greenery and a bicycle lane that is 5 km long.

The area includes 4 sectors: A, B, C, and D – the development of which is planned in stages. Preparatory works for the whole area have started at this stage, and preliminary sales of land plots in Sector B have started. Residents will have the opportunity to have a perfect life in Sector B from the autumn of 2022, as the infrastructure and communications of this section of the district will be fully ready by this period.”

Q: What are your future plans and goals?

“Lisi Topograph is an ideal place for those who are looking for an ecologically clean, healthy and quiet environment to live in with their family.

The unique location and landscape, panoramic mountain and lake views and untapped diverse ecosystem are the main advantages of Topograph. It is a rather large-scale project and our task is to make Lisi Topograph the most desirable place to live in Tbilisi.”

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