Everything you need for a happy existence outside of the city is already in the city – in Lisi Topograph.

Lisi Topograph – A new western type area, built according to modern standards. Low-rise urbanization, ecologically clean, calm, and protected place on the Lisi Lake shoreline.

Lisi Topograph covers 41.8 hectares and includes 244 plots for private housing construction. The project also includes 5 parks, 9 sports fields (golf, tennis, basketball, and football), a skate park, children’s entertainment areas, and many common amenities (such as a supermarket, pharmacy, and other services) tailored to the neighborhood’s demands.

The topographic structure of the Lisi Topograph area served as the primary source of inspiration for the project concept. The district’s development mixes in seamlessly with the surrounding natural nature and beautifully merges into the space bounded by mountains and the lake.

As the minimum plot area is 1000 m2, the architects and city planners/urbanists working on the area’s development plan place a high value on recreation and the harmonious development of the space, resulting in a fully integrated area with the environment that will be less densely populated than the surrounding areas.

Traffic infrastructure also distinguishes the area. Two lanes for two-line traffic, an additional lane for parking, two wide planted up pathways, and a 5-kilometer cycling lane are all included on the 14-meter wide roadways.

The area is divided into four sectors: A, B, C, and D, each of which is being developed in stages. At this time, the work to bring central communications to the area has been accomplished effectively. Residents will be able to enjoy life in the sector as early as the fall of 2022, as the infrastructure for this segment of the area will be completed during this time.

Lisi Topograph is a wonderful area to live with your family if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, healthy, and peaceful atmosphere. The key benefits of Lisi Topograph are its unique location and landscape, with panoramic mountain and lake panoramas and an untapped diverse ecosystem.

Everything you need for a happy existence outside of the city is already in the city – in Lisi Topograph.

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