What is a Development Regulation Plan (DRP) and what are the benefits of having one?

It is essential to consider what you are purchasing when purchasing a plot of land on which to build a private residence. After purchasing the land, the buyer frequently discovers that acquiring a construction permit is not only complicated and time-consuming, but also impossible in some situations.

Today, with such high demand for land plots, free land may be obtained mostly in undeveloped areas, where it is often essential to jointly draft a development regulating plan on your and adjacent plots of land to be able to utilize the property for construction. Because the development regulatory plan is a complex document that must be integrated with other disciplines, it requires extensive experience and knowledge of the law. The Lisi Topograph project is based on a Development Regulating Plan (DRP) document processed in this manner (23.10.2020 # 325), which we had been working on for several years, so we would like to explain what it means to have a DRP document for a piece of land and what the benefits are:

The Development Regulation Plan (DRP) is a document used in city planning that defines or specifies functional zones, coefficients, and site development areas for districts.

Working on the DRP allows the area to be developed in a sustainable manner, considering all land plots, road infrastructure, landscaping, and other factors that contribute to a healthy living environment.

DRP frequently provides:

  • Arranging the layout of land plots;
  • Outlining of roads in the area;
  • Creation of landscape and greenery zones;
  • Parameters of estimated building and facilities;
  • Creating a project for water, sewerage, electricity, gas and other networks;
  • Geology of the project area and topographic map.

All the above work was done in the Lisi Topograph project, and consequently, we now have a well-planned area with 244 plots of land that are ready to receive a building permit. The parameters of each plot of land’s construction usage are also set, which means that when buying a plot of land, you will know not only about the red lines of the plot, but also the blue lines that determine the area of the building’s location on the plot.


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