How to select a plot of land for constructing the house?

If you are looking to buy a piece of land in Lisi Topograph, we will give you some advice on what to consider while making your decision.

Lisi Topograph is a new residential neighborhoods on the Lisi Lake shore that spans 41.8 hectares and includes 244 plots for private house construction.

The area is divided into four sectors: A, B, C, and D, each of which is being developed in stages.

The land sizes range from 1000 to 2330 m2. Their division is prohibited under the development regulatory plan; however, merging is permitted.

The 1000 m2 plot has a 20 x 50-meter configuration.

Each sector is divided into four plan zones.

The plots of land in the upper zone have more room and a better view, and the price of the plot rises in tandem with the row. The higher row you choose, the more space and view your future private home will have.

There are three sorts of plots in the Lisi Topograph: upper entry, lower entrance, and angular. The first and third row plots have an upper entrance. Furthermore, the plots in the second and fourth rows with the lower entry will have a yard in front of the house.

The row I plots are parallel to the outer central road; if you choose a plot in this row, you will have only two adjacent neighbors, as well as the fourth lane plots, which are premium class plots due to their location and range in size starting from 1500 m2.

The plots’ primality/luxury is also determined by their closeness to the five parks in the area, which are indicated on the map by a green triangle and a rectangle.

Sector A is distinguished from the other sectors by its low land relief and closeness to Lisi Lake, which is only 350 meters away.

Sectors B and C – are the midway sectors between the two central parks, with moderately elevated relief and closeness to commercial space.

Sector D is known for its hilly views and steep relief.

When purchasing a plot of land, the buyer agrees to complete the minimum construction requirements of the house by the end of the sector’s construction term. The terms are as follows, according to the sectors: Sector A – 23 months, Sector B 17 – months, and Sector C – 15 months.

Sector C is scheduled to be completed in 29 months, whereas Sector D is not yet available for purchase.

Your willingness to build a house, based on the above deadlines, can also become an important consideration for picking a plot.

We believe that this information will assist you in better understanding of the map displayed on the website.


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